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Our passion is understanding how school districts can leverage technology and data to drive efficiency.

Next-generation tools specifically for you so you can focus on what matters most.

Time Efficiency

The tedious process of annual financial reporting is completed in a fraction of the time and with less required resources.

Financial Reporting Accuracy

Streamline accuracy with NGSB™ software based logic to ensure your district is compliant with the Uniform System of Financial Records.

Data Intelligence

Compare your data to the industry. NGSB™ assists in helping districts comply with not only the state but the industry as a whole.
Know here you stand on demand.

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Annual Financial Reporting Streamlined

Finance and Accounting

AFR State Data File Autofill

Finance and Accounting

Comparative Analytics

Finance and Accounting

Accounting Coding Compliance

Finance and Accounting

Compensation Studies

Human Resources

Job Description Database

Human Resources

I cannot imagine the amount of time that has been saved since we connected with NGSB™.  The information that has provided feedback to our Business Department regarding account coding and expenditures has not only saved time but improved the proficiency and minimized errors in subsequent years.  
We are extremely grateful for the services and personal consultation that they have provided through NGSB™.

Bryan Bullington


Bagdad Schools

My first year AFR season was very stressful!  I was hit with my regular audit along with an ADM audit at the same time.  A colleague told me about NGSB™ and figured I could look into it later.  Well the closer I got to my deadlines and the more attention my audits took, I hit up Jeremy a week before submission was required!  He was amazing!  I was so grateful for the extra help!  NGSB™ saved me BIG TIME!  Thank you Jeremy for all the reports help!  The other things you send out and do are icing on the cake!  The money is beyond worth the time savings you get working with NGSB™! Thank you Jeremy for everything!

Andrea Despain

Business Manager

Heber-Overgaard Unified School District #6

One of the most important departments at any school district is the Business Department. I called this department the "spine" of the organization because without it the body of the organization can't really move. TRUE not only has better organized our business department, but has provided one- on- one training and numerous pieces of advice that have translated to millions of additional dollars or savings. TRUE is the brain of the Business Department. I highly recommend it!

Dr. Amy  P. Fuller


Red Mesa Unified School District #27

Everything went through after I sent you my “help”  email.  All good now.  Thank you for your coming up with those programs!  Worth every penny!!

Anne Holt

Business Manager/EBT

ChairmanParker Unified School District #27

Thank you for all your help!  The last year I had to do this by hand is still haunting me. The only part that gave us heartburn this year was the food service report and that didn't have anything to do with you. It's more info than anyone can digest. We had a meeting on Thursday with the board and they couldn't even ask a question because they honestly didn't have a clue what it was all about.. The superintendent told them it was simply a report on our last year's expenses that they had approved in the format that the State wanted.  That was good enough for them.  Gabbell down and out the door they went.Thanks again.  I would have left three years ago if you hadn't come up with this system.


Business Manager

Casa Grande Union High School District

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